Import GoToMeeting recordings into Camtasia

Anyone who has used GoToMeeting to record a webinar will quickly find that the default GoToMeeting format is not a true WMV file (even though the extension is .wmv).  Instead, GTM uses a custom format, most likely because it’s more efficient to record in this format while you are conducting a web meeting.  Whatever the case, this is a real… Read more →

How to Install SQL Management Studio Express 2008

Tricky tricky! A few ways to do it … If full SQL installed Use if full SQL is installed, or if you installed SQL 2008 with Visual Studio. Install Windows Powershell if you do not have it. Download the setup file of “SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools” or “SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced Services.” SQL Server 2008 Express… Read more →

You know you’re multitasking too much when …

… suddenly you can’t open any more Windows in Windows XP! There appears to be a limit of about 30 or 40 open windows (including tabs in Firefox / IE7) in Windows XP, which can get pretty irritating if you have two monitors like I do, and often have many tasks going on at the same time (or many webpages… Read more →